b'S P I R I T SS H E R R Y , M A D E I R A & P O R TBy far our best selling and best quality range of sherrys come from Bodegas Hidalgo-La Gitana Droderigo de Triana was a local man who sailedwith Columbus to the new world. He was in the crows nest of the ship when the coast of what we now call the Americas, came into view. Pedro Ximnez Viejo Triana is produced with grapes that are initially allowed to dry in the sun on straw mats, concentrating the sweetness of the grape juice. They are then pressed and vinified, before long ageing in soleras of American oak. The resultant wine is has a intense dark treacle colour and a rich and luscious texture.MOST POPULAR TYPES OF SHERRYUnlike llitigation-happy Champagne, the Sherry Consejo Regulador and Spanish government have not done much over the years to protect the Sherry name around the world, so many cheap imitations are still sold with the name Sherry on the bottle. Most are sweetened bulk wines with chemicals added for color and flavor. Or best selling and favourite sherry comes FINO & MANZANILLAThese are the lightest styles of Sherry. These age, for as few as two or as many as ten years, under a layer of flor and when bottled are meant to be consumed right away. They are delicious with olives, Marcona almonds, and cured meats. With oysters, Fino and Manzanilla- E XPRESS .Sherry vie with Champagne as the greatest pairing on earth. Serve Fino and Manzanilla coldN C ON Mfor the best results. Itop sellerwe recommendAMONTILLADOest 2002When a Finos layer of flor fades or the wine is intentionally fortified to a high strength, it begins to oxidize and change character. This is an Amontillado Sherry or, simply put, an aged Fino. These wines have some of the salty bite of a Fino but with a darker color and a nuttier, richer finish on the palate. Amontillado Sherry is also a versatile food wine, sidling comfortably up to prawns, seafood soup, roast chicken, or a cheese plate.OLOROSSOOloroso never develops flor. Instead, all the flavor in these wines comes from the interaction of wine and air. Usually oxidized wine is considered faulty, but when left for five to twenty-five years, the wine in a Sherry solera will develop into a full-bodied, dark and expressive substance that begs to be enjoyed with braised beef, bitter chocolate, and bleu cheese. Oloroso Sherry is aromatic and spicy, and can drink like a finely aged bourbon. PALO CORTADOThis is a strange, beautiful and less common style of Sherry that occurs in certain circumstances when flor yeast dies unexpectedly and the wine begins to take on oxygen. A Palo Cortado has some salty character, but its body is richer and more intense. Palo Cortado can behave like an Amontillado on the palate but often shows a great balance of richness and delicacy.INN EXPRESS - DRINKS PORTFOLIO 2019|20 - SHERRY, MADEIRA & PORT INN EXPRESS - DRINKS PORTFOLIO 2019|20 - SHERRY, MADEIRA & PORT 171'