b"S P I R I T SS H E R R Y , M A D E I R A & P O R TFOR YEARS CONSIDERED AN UNFASHIONABLE TIPPLE LOVED ONLY BY YOUR GRANNY AT CHRISTMASNow after more than a decade of falling sales, Sherry has suddenly become fashionable againWHERE DOES SHERRY COME FROM?Sherry is a wine made in the far south of Spain. To be official Sherry, it must be made in this region, although there are some sherry-type wines that are made in other locations. This is a wine with a long history and a legacy that includes being fortified to withstand voyages at sea. HOW IS IT MADE?As the soil in the sherry region is chalk/limestone based, this provides the perfect conditions for growing the Palomino grape, Pedro Ximnez and Moscatel, the three grapes used for making sherry wine. The thing which makes Sherry so unique is the aging barrel, called a Solera. These are not like normal barrels that are filled and emptied after a certain number of years. Instead, a Solera is filled and left to age. As the barrels age, the oldest ones are partially drained and bottled, with new wine being added to the aged wine and left again to age further. This method is repeated until the barrels are retired. Since the Solera barrels are constantly in use, the wine that comes from them is well aged and full of complex flavours and aromas. While Sherry wine is aging, a layer of yeast called Flor forms on the top and prevents oxidization. This adds a unique tanginess to the wine and keeps out some of the earthier flavors that come from contact with oxygen during the aging. Sherry is fortified with a spirit, usually a neutral Brandy or something similar, to give it a higher alcohol content and more intense flavours.ISN'T FORTIFIED WINE TOO STRONG?Well, youre supposed to drink less of it! Sherrys powerful flavour and slightly higher alcohol content mean that a single serving can be about half of a normal six-ounce glass of wine. Sherry ranges from 15% ABV to over 20%. Many full-bodied red wines like Argentinean Malbec and Napa Valley Cabernet clock in at 15-16% alcohol or more, so you shouldnt be too worried. This extra strength actually helps Sherry pair well with many foods.170 INN EXPRESS - DRINKS PORTFOLIO 2019|20 - SHERRY, MADEIRA & PORT"