b'THE CHITA DISTILLERY MizuwariS P I R I T SIn 1972, Keizo SajiSuntorys second Master Blendertook a momentous stepW H I S K E Y , W H I S K Y & B O U R B O Nforward in pursuing Shinjiro Toriis vision for diverse and genuinely Japanese whiskies blessed with the riches of Japanese nature and craftsmanship. On the misty, calm shores of Chita Peninsula, Keizo built a distillery dedicated to creating the highest-quality Japanese grain whisky. Using mainly corn grain and a continuous multiple column distillation process, the Chita Distillery makes three types of grain whiskies. The heavy-type grainMUCH MORE whisky is distilled through two columns, the medium-type through three columns, and the clean-type through four columns. This diversity is rare among grain whisky distillers as most only produce the heavy type. Due to their exceptional smoothness and balance, Chita grain whiskies have traditionally been used as the dashi or broth that enhances the harmony in Suntorys renowned blended whiskies. But through many years of research and innovation, the Chita Distillerys grain whiskies have achieved an unrivalledTHAN JUST A sophistication and complexityculminating in The Chita Single Grain Whisky. In Aichi Prefecture of the centre of Japan, the Chita Peninsula and its surroundings are known for its history of craftsmanship in fermentation. The Chita distillery, the innovative grain whisky distillery of the House of Suntory whisky, rises surrounded by gently-sloping hilly terrain and the serene atmosphere from the sea. Suntorys Chita distillery creates three types of grain whisky from corn (clean, medium and heavy); as distinct from most distilleries which only produce the heavytype.Ageing in the unique climate and natural conditions of Omi and Hakushu and the use of American White Oak casks further contributes to the incredible range of flavours presented by Chita grain whiskies; only recently enabling the level of complexity and depth demanded by the prodigiousA ccording to the House of Suntory, the Japanese highball is not your average Whiskey & Soda. standards of the House. The Mizuwari meaning cut with water is a cocktail made with meticulous attention to detail, WHAT DO THE EXPERTS SAY? zen-like focus and the highest quality ingredients. This Japanese cocktail is all about the whisky and the ritual. Make sure you count your stirs this ensures minimial dilution. We ask the Edrington-Beam Suntory UK Whisky Specialist Team what makesThe result is more art than a cocktail.Suntory Whiskies so popular?MICHAEL GREEN. The fact that Jim Murray named 20131 2 3Yamazaki Sherry cask the best whisky in the world in 2015 helped massively. (Interest massively peaked) Since foundingTERRI BROTHERSTONthe company in 1899, the essence of the company has been about artisanalWith the accolades put upon Yamazaki by Jim craftsmanship and the pursuit of perfection.Murray in his 2015 Whisky Bible and whisky Ensures that customers are getting brandswriter Dave Broom championing Japanese that they can enjoy and rely on time afterwhisky, people were more willing to tryPOURSTIR 13 time. whiskies that they might not have normallyFILL A GLASSCHILLEDTIMES FOR drank. When whiskies such as Hakushu 12WITH ICE & and Yamazaki 18 were coming into the UKWHISKY INMAXIMUM DAVID MILES market, people were just being blown awayLET CHILL TO TASTE EFFECTI think as more and more people becameby the flavour and complexity.more interested in whisky, they started to look beyond the traditional homelands.They then recognised the sheer quality and complexity of Japanese whisky. The drinkability and versatility of the whiskies such as their use in highballs make them veryTEDDY JOSEPH 4 5 6approachable for new drinkers. Reputation. Dedication and attention to detail JOSEPH ELLIS and the First to do it in Japan. Trailblazing. Producing whisky for the Japanese palate. Guided by nature and taking inspirationGIVE A Flavour-wise they fit between Bourbon,from the land, food, and culture. This ethosGENTLE STIR Irish and Scotch and so their flavours appealresulted in awards and attention from theADD CHILLED to lovers of all those styles. Generally, theFROM THE trade. Once people get liquid on lips, they whiskies Suntory make arent as peaty astaste the craftsmanship that goes into it. SODABOTTOM TOTANOSHI! some Scotch whiskies, but theyre not as sweet as Bourbon can be. This flavour profile(1 PART WHISKEY TOTOP WITH A is why I believe theyve become so popular. 3-4 PARTS SODA) BAR SPOON ENJOY!INN EXPRESS - DRINKS PORTFOLIO 2019|20 - WHISKEY, WHISKY & BOURBON INN EXPRESS - DRINKS PORTFOLIO 2019|20 - WHISKEY, WHISKY & BOURBON 167'