b'S P I R I T SSHINJIRO TORII (1879-1962)W H I S K E Y , W H I S K Y & B O U R B O N YAMAZAKI DISTILLERYShinjiro Torii was born in the Meiji Period when WesternInspired by traditional Scottish whisky, Torii envisioned a Japanese approach by culture and civilisation suddenly flowed into Japan.choosing a terrain and climate completely different from those of Scotland to Ending his schooling at age thirteen, Torii entered into ancreate a unique kind of whisky. The Yamazaki Distillery is thus the birthplace apprenticeship at a pharmaceutical wholesaler in Osakaof Japanese whisky. Nestled proudly on the periphery of Kyoto, this region has that carried Western liquors. There he engaged in stylishwas previously referred to as Minaseno, where one of the purest waters of Western pursuits and mastered techniques of mixing, thenJapan originates.developed a discriminating palate and nose. He learned methods of mixing and blending through his teenageYamazaki is also home to Sen no Rikyu, Master of The Way of Tea. Yamazaki apprenticeships. Distillery is where the Katsura, Uji and Kizu rivers converge, providing a unique misty climate and one of Japans softest waters. The diversity of this regions temperature and humidity creates ideal conditions for cask ageing, known as the signature Suntory Maturation.In the year 1899, Shinjiro ToriiBuilding the Chita DistilleryGood whisky requires good water and proper maturation in the right went independent, renting a modest house where generationsKeizo Saji, Suntorys second Masterenvironment. Torii strived for a uniquely Japanese whisky to surpass Scotch of pursuit of a dream all started.Blender, took a momentous stepwhisky, and searched for a genuinely Japanese climate for years. Yamazaki lies Shinjiro Torii founded the Toriiforward in pursuing Shinjiro Toriis 1899-1907Shoten store in Osaka. Akadama1972 vision for whiskies rich in Japanesein a misty valley between Mt.Tennozan and Mt. Otokoyama where three rivers Sweet Wine was launched andnature and craftsmanship.meet. It has one of Japans softest waters and is ideal for whisky maturation. became a huge success.On the misty, calm shores of ChitaThis choice of location has been proven by the quality of whisky produced in Intrigued by the results ofPeninsula, Keizo built a distillery cultivating and maturing liquor indedicated to the highest-qualitythe Yamazaki distilleries for many years. Japan, Torii dreamed of creatingJapanese grain whisky.an original Japanese whiskyuniquely made from JapaneseIts uniqueness distinguishes Yamazaki Distillery that a single distillery can nature and by her people. produce a variety of whiskies, which a very few distilleries in the world can match. It all started with Suntorys pursuit of crafting world-class whisky to please the delicate Japanese palate. In every process of whisky making - fermentation, distillation, ageing, and vatting - the distillerys craftsmen have Hakushu Distillerybeen adding innovations while continuing to practise skills passed down by Torii invested his family fortunetheir predecessors.and pursued his dream of buildingKeizo Saji inherited his fathers Japans first whisky distilleryquest to push the boundaries of despite popular protest from1973 what a Japanese whisky could be. 1918 - 1923 company directors. The YamazakiHe built the Hakushu Distillery to Distillery, Japans first whiskycommemorate the 50th anniversary distillery, began constructionof Japanese whisky-making andHAKUSHU DISTILLERYin Yamazaki on the outskirts ofto diversify Suntorys single malt Kyoto. portfolio.Keizo Saji, the second Master Blender, inherited his fathers quest to pushJapans first whisky, Suntorythe boundaries of what a Japanese whisky could be. He had searched all over Shirofuda (white label) launched. This release was poorly receivedJapan for high-quality water that will become the most delicately aromatic to by the market and failed due toproduce whisky that people would love. After searching with some tenacity to its imitation of smoky ScottishYamazaki released as a single whiskies. As Japans first master1984 malt the headstreams of rivers and deep into rugged mountains, he found Hakushu. blender, Torii learned thatThe Hakushu Distillery is without question one of the highest distilleries in the satisfying the delicate Japanese 1929 - 1937 palate is the key to making aworld, built amidst the deepest forests of Mt. Kaikomagatake in the Japanese successful Japanese whisky.Suntory Hibiki blended whisky isSouthern Alps.Pride drove him on his continued1989 released.search for Japanese whisky, and Suntory Kakubin (square bottle)The majestic forest that surrounds the Hakushu Distillery shelters an was born.Kakubin then went onabundance of plant varieties reflecting the many expressions of Japanese to become the heart and soul ofHakushu Single malt whisky is Japanese whisky and the countrys1994 released. nature. The malt whiskies born here are equally blessed with a very particular No.1 seller. microclimate, verdant forests, and water offering a rare softness and purity, only made possible by filtration of rain and snow through thousand-year-old Suntory Single Grain Whiskygranite rocks.2015 Chita is released.The exceptionally soft mountain water of Hakushu originates as clear-flowing 2016 Suntory Whisky Toki is released rainwater and melted snow, which passes through Mt. Kaikomagatake of the Suntory cultivated the growthJapanese Southern Alps and joins the Ojira and Jingu Rivers at the mountain of Japans whisky culture byfoot. opening Torys bars throughout the country. At Torys bars, Suntory revolutionised the way to drinkWith four distinctive seasons, the clear air and cool, humid climate of whisky by introducing Highball. 1955 - 1970 Another innovative style ofThird-generation master blender ShingoHakushus vast forests allow the distillery, one of the few situated at an Torii continues the pursuit of his family drinking whisky presented bylegacy to challenge what a Japaneseelevation of 700 meters or more, to produce high-quality whisky through a Suntory to this date: Mizuwari (the blending of whisky withwhisky could be.slow, unhurried process.water). Suntory introduced this pairing with Japanese cuisine.164 INN EXPRES164 INN EXPRESS - DRINKS - DRINKS PORS PORTFTFOLIO 20OLIO 2019|20 - 19|20 - WHISKEYWHISKEY, WHISK, WHISKY & BOURBONY & BOURBON'