b'S P I R I T S Y K S I H W NY, O BE RW H I S K E Y , W H I S K Y & B O U R B O NK US I OH BW &O R I G I N A LS I N G L EB A R R E L R E S T O F T H E W O R L DPRODUCT NAME COUNTRY ABV SIZE PRODUCT NAME COUNTRY ABV SIZEBrenne Speciale France 46.5 % 70cl Paul John Edited India 46.0 % 70clCanadian Club Canada 40.0 % 70cl Paul John NirvanaIndia 40.0 % 70clCotswold DistilleryMalt England 46.0 % 70cl Paul John Peated India 55.5 % 70clAs the worlds first single barrel bourbon,Cots Distillery Founders Choice England 62.0 % 75cl Penderyn Madeira Edition Wales 46.0 % 70clBlantons Original set the standard Crown RoyalCanada 40.0 % 70cl Penderyn Myth Wales 41.0 % 70clfor premium Kentucky Straight BourbonEnglish Whiskey Co Chapter 6England 60.5 % 70cl Sacred Peated English Whisky England 46.0 % 70clEnglish Whiskey Co Chapter 9England 46.0 % 70cl Seagrams VO Canada 40.0 % 70clWhiskey in 1984.Taken from theLot 40 Canadian Rye Canada 43.0 % 70cl The English Original England 43.0 % 75clcenter-cut or middle sections of theMackmyra BruksSweden 41.4 % 70cl The Lakes Dist. The One England 40.0 % 1 Ltrfamous Warehouse H, Blantons OriginalMackmyra Svensk EKSweden 46.1 % 50cl Zuidam Mill 10 YO American Oak Holland 40.0 % 70clMackmyra Svensk Rok Sweden 46.1 % 50cl Zuidam Mill 10 YO French Oak Holland 40.0 % 70clwas once designated for ambassadors,Paul John Bold India 46.0 % 70cl Zuidam Mill 12 YO Sherry Oak Holland 40.0 % 70cldignitaries, and Colonel Blantons familyPaul John Brilliance India 46.0 % 70cl Zuidam Millstone Malt Holland 46.0 % 70clPaul John Classic India 55.2 % 70cl Zuidam Millstone PeatedHolland 40.0 % 70cland friends.E XPRESS .N - C OCOTSWOLDS N MISINGLE MALT WHISKY top sellerwe recommendest 2002Weusetraditionalproductionprocesses and equipment to produce our Cotswolds SingleMalt.Locally-grownmaltedbarley is milled and then mashed in our 0.5-tonne mash tun, mixing the milled grain with hot watertoproduceworts. Yeastsarethen added. We run the fermentation for more than 90 hours in order to generate plenty of fruity flavour compounds alongside the alcohol produced.INN EXPRESS - DRINKS PORTFOLIO 2019|20 - WHISKEY, WHISKY & BOURBON 157'