b'S P I R I T S Y K S I H W NY, O BE RK UW H I S K E Y , W H I S K Y & B O U R B O NS I OH BW &A M E R I C A A M E R I C APRODUCT NAME ABV SIZE PRODUCT NAME ABV SIZESmooth Ambler Contradiction Bourbon 53.5 % 70cl Wild Turkey American Honey 35.5 % 70clSmooth Ambler Old Scout Bourbon 53.5 % 70cl Willets Pot Barrel Bourbon 47.0 % 70clSt George Breaking & Entering Bourbon 40.0 % 75cl Woodford Reserve Bourbon 43.2 % 70clTin Cup 42.0 % 70cl Woodford Reserve Dbl Oak Bourbon 43.2 % 70clWhistle Pig 10 Year Old Rye 43.0 % 70cl Woodford Reserve Rye 43.2 % 70clWild Turkey Bourbon 50.5 % 70cl Xxx Shine Salted Caramel 40.0 % 70clWild Turkey 101 Bourbon 50.5 % 70clallergens IMPORTANT INFORMATIONWHERE THE DISTILLATE (SPIRIT) OR LIQUEUR CONTAINS A REDISTILLED EXTRACT OF, FOR EXAMPLE, TREE NUTS OR MILK, THESE DO NOT REQUIRE NOTIFICATION AS THE ACTIVE ALLERGEN IS DENATURED.PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU REQUIRE ANY SPECIFIC INFORMATIONINN EXPRESS - DRINKS PORTFOLIO 2019|20 - WHISKEY, WHISKY & BOURBON INN EXPRESS - DRINKS PORTFOLIO 2019|20 - WHISKEY, WHISKY & BOURBON 155'