b'S P I R I T S I S L A N D SARRAN ROBERT BURNS SINGLE MALTW H I S K E Y , W T H I e Robert Burns edition of the Arran Single Malt has been skilfully created by combining different his exclusiv S K Y & B O U R B O Nages to produce a beautifully rounded whisky that is smooth, malty and sweet with a delicious spicy twist on the finish.CASK MAKE UP: Selection of finest ex-Bourbon & ex-Sherry CasksAPPEARANCE: Ayrshire SunshineNOSE: Sweet & creamy with notes of honey, toffee-glazed pecans and fresh summer fruitsPALATE: A perfect combination of rich malt and lush vanilla notes forms a beautifully refreshing and smooth palate. Light and sweet at first followed by tantalising spice and oak.FINISH: Clean and fresh with an aftertaste of hazelnuts and milk chocolate. A true drop of liquid poetry and the perfect dram with which to toast the Bard!S P E Y S I D EBENROMACH 10 YOThe classic 10 year old from Gordon and MacPhails Benromach distillery in Forres.A pre-1960s style of Speyside whisky with a wisp of peat smoke.CASK MAKE UP: Matured for the first nine years in a 70/30 ratio of first fill bourbon and Oloroso sherry casks.These casks are then vatted together and matured for a final year in more 1st fill sherry casksAPPEARANCE: GoldenNOSE: Lots of malted barley, toffee and oak. Slightly resinous with dried fruit and sweet spices.After a time, a hint of puckering prune from the sherry cask and maple fudgePALATE: Rich, malty and slightly herbal with ground ginger, cardamom, orange citrus and gentle peat smoke.FINISH: Long and warming with the sherry, spice and fruit dissipating into malty smokiness.I S L A YLAPHROAIG 10 YEAR OLDCommonly regarded as the icon of the range. Distilled the same way today as it was 75 years ago when it was first crafted. Awarded the Royal Warrant by HRH The Prince Of Wales in 1994 which continues today.CASK MAKE UP: Aged in ex-bourbon casks for a minimum of 10 yearsAPPEARANCE: Sparkling goldNOSE: Smoke, seaweed, a hint of sweetnessPALATE: : Islay peat smoke, full and earthy, tangy salt laden air, an echo of sweetness at the end, unforgettableFINISH: Very longC A M B E L T O W NGLEN SCOTIA DOUBLE CASKThis outstanding single malt whisky provides the perfect balance of rich spicy fruits, overlaid with the characteristic sea spray and vanilla oak finish for which the house of Glen Scotia is famousCASK MAKE UP: Matured in first fill bourbon barrels then finished for up to 12 months in Pedro Ximenez sherry caskAPPEARANCE: Bright goldNOSE: Amber. Very sweet. Initially it is all creme caramel, caramelised fruit sugars, wood sugar, toffee and fudge before some apple and peach come through. In time a charred note of bourbon with a pleasing dusty dryness. PALATE: Sweet start and quite fat and though the alcohol gives a little tongue-tingling buzz the result is a good mid-palate weight. The dry distillery character is there still, but there is now depth to counter. Water slightly dismantles the different elements, but adds some dried mint.FINISH: Deep and dark.H I G H L A N D SGLENDRONACH 12 YEAR OLDThe GlenDronach 12 Year Old, epitomises our unyielding dedication to the mastery of our craft.CASK MAKE UP: Matured in fine Pedro Ximnez and Oloroso sherry casks from Andaluca in SpainAPPEARANCE: Deep amber-red gold.NOSE: Sweet, creamy vanilla, with hints of ginger. Spiced mulled wine and pear.PALATE: Rich, creamy, silky-smooth. Warm, rich oak and sherry sweetness, full mouth feel, raisins and soft fruits. FINISH: Spicy with medium length and a dry finish.L O W L A N D SAUCHENTOSHAN AMERICAN OAK CASKThe worlds largest lowland single malt distilled in the heart of glasgow. The crisp citrus and bourbon vanilla flavours make this the perfect introduction into malt whisky. Perfect served as a long drink, in a cocktail or savoured on its own.CASK MAKE UP: Matured only in first fill American oak casksAPPEARANCE: Bright GoldNOSE: Bourbon, vanilla and coconut with layers of zesty citrus fruitPALATE: Refreshingly smooth yet lively with vanilla cream, coconut and white peachFINISH: Crisp, with sugared grapefruit and a hint of spice.INN EXPRESS - DRINKS PORTFOLIO 2019|20 - WHISKEY, WHISKY & BOURBON INN EXPRESS - DRINKS PORTFOLIO 2019|20 - WHISKEY, WHISKY & BOURBON 145'