b"Whoop Whoop #6#5 Daiquiri twist it!50ml Licor 4350ml Moskovskaya Vodka CELLARTHE UK's 12.5ml Real Passion fruit syrup 12.5ml Finest Call T H E L AT E S T T R E N D S F R O M 50ml Cranberry juice White Peach pureeTOP 10 Serve in a large wine glass and50ml Finest Call garnish with a drizzle PeachCosmo mixcocktails puree over the finished drink andServe in a large a add lime wedge. wine glass and classics and twistsTRENDS *UK top 10 Mainstream cocktails - CGA Mixed Drinks Q1 2019 [12] garnish with a lime wedgeor do the twist!The Cellar Trends portfolio has all you need to create these and many other delicious cocktails! To see the full portfolio visit WWW.CELLARTRENDS.CO.UKtwist it! twist twist it! Kiwi Daiquiri#1 Spiced Blueberry 50ml Bayou Select Rum it!MojIto50ml Bayou White Rum15ml Real Kiwi syrup Terrys Rockstar Martini 50ml Bayou Spiced Rum12.5ml Luxardo Maraschino20ml Finest Call Lime juice Espresso 25ml Real Blueberry syrup20ml Finest Call Lime juice 15ml Finest Call SugarMartini50ml Bayou Select25ml Finest Call lime juice 15ml Finest Call Sugar syrup syrup 50ml Gator Bite 12.5ml Licor 4312.5ml Finest Call sugarServe in a coupe and 20ml Real Black Cherry syrup syrupServe in a Coupe and garnishgarnish with a Kiwi slice. Satsuma Pornstar Martini love gin?12.5ml Finest Call lemon juice 6 mint leaves with a lime half moon and50ml Finest Call Shot of Chang beer on the side Luxardo cherry. Espresso MixServe in Nick & Nora glass andServe in a Highball andServe in a Coupe and garnish with Orange half-moongarnish with 1 fresh limegarnish with grated wedge and fresh mint sprig. chocolate (flavoured and Luxardo cherry on cocktail#8 or dark)stick.MARTINI #750ml Stoli Vanil50ml Elit Vodkaespresso25ml Finest Call Lime Juice 12.5ml Dry vermouth MARTINI25ml Finest Call Passion fruit Serve in a coupe and 50ml Pineapple juice garnish with a lemon35ml Moskovskaya Faustino Cava Bubbles onpeel twist. 15ml Licor 43 Baristo the side50ml Finest Call Espresso mixServe in a Coupe or MartiniServe in a coupe and garnish with fresh Glass and garnish withhalf aTry 50ml Crosscoffee beansfresh Passion FruitKeys Gin, 12.5ml Dry vermouth, garnished50ml Bayou White Rum, 50ml Bayou Select Rum#2 with 2 olives. 75ml Finest Call Pinapina #9Colada Mix 25ml pineapple juice25ml Finest Call sugar syrup MOJItO Serve in a chalice andRaspberry Colada25ml Finest Call lime juice garnish with a pineapple Serve in a Highball and garnishwedge and leaf.with one fresh lime wedge and50ml Bayou Select Rum fresh mint sprig. 25ml Coco Real 20ml Raspberry Real syrup 60ml Pineapple juiceServe in a chalice and garnish long island#4 #10 with a pineapple wedge and leaf twist it!COLLINS and fresh raspberries.50ml mix of Bayou White Rum,50ml Cross Keys Gin 25ml Finest CallCross Keys Gin, Triple sec, sugar syrup Rooster Rojo Blanco Tequila,25ml Finest CallMoskovskaya Vodka, Triple sec, lime lemon juice#3 75ml Finest Call Lemon Juice Serve in a HighballCola floatapprox 30ml and garnish with Serve in a stein and garnish with a lemon wedge. a lemon wedge50ml Moskovskaya VodkasexSour Cherry Collins12.5ml Finest Call White Peach puree35ml Finest Call Cosmo mix float 50ml Sour Cherry Gin 50ml Orange Juice25ml Finest Call sugar syrupServe in a Copa Glass garnishon the 25ml Finest Call lime lemon juicewith candy floss.Serve in a Highball and garnish with 128 Try it with Stoli Citros or Razberibeach Lemon wedge & Luxardo cherryinstead of Moskovskaya for antwist it!extra fruity delight!"