b'Vodka remains the largest category within spirits accounti ng for 28.5% of all spirit salesA BRAND WITH REAL HERITAGE RAW MATERIALS DISTILLATION that todays consumer can connect with We select the best wheat and ryeDisti llati ons follows immediately which is cleaned and mashed. aft er our mash matures, driving itthrough states of immense pressure and heat to remove Moskovskaya Vodka has the quality toFERMENTATION volati le impuriti es. This process stand up in cocktails whilst oering the The grain mash is blended withis repeated 3 ti mes for the best puri ed water and fermentati onpurest resultaordability for businesses looking for abegins at high a temperature, high quality house pour vodka. followed by mash maturati on at steady pace for 3 days.FILTRATION A textbook three-stageltrati on which starts with quartz sand and progresses on to acti vated charcoal before analltrati on back through quartz sand to deliver vodka of great purity and authenti c style.NOSE TASTE FINISHFresh Elegantly light SmoothCleanMinty CreamyRobust notesUnderlyingLong lasti ngalongside creamy aniseedLight sweetness refreshing aniseed savoury grainRetains elegance and freshness asavour builds19601938 1945 Moskovskaya vodka gains 1910 The recipe for Moskovskaya vodka improvesCelebrati ng victory at thepopularity and now leads 1894 Moskovskaya vodka enjoys popularityover ti me unti l it reaches perfecti on. Today itend of WWII, each soldierthe mainstream segment in Moskovskaya vodka, oneas a high-quality, mainstream vodkais sti ll produced using the original improvedis given a giftof two bott lesthe Soviet Union, becoming of the oldest Russian vodka one of the few brands awarded theformula by M.Kucherov, earning the designati onof Moskovskaya at thethe obvious choice for family brands,rst created by thedesignati on Osobaya for quality byof Osobaya quality vodka. This word islegendary parade throughcelebrati ons and spending Vodka Monopoly of thethe Emperor. Osobaya translates intostamped on each bott le, re ecti ng the qualityRed Square in Moscow. ti me with friends.Russian Empire. English as special that has been delivered for decades. Standard vodka dominates with7out of 10 bott les124 sold to be standard brands'