b'ofFLAVOURED VODKAS ithaveS P I R I T S R O G U Edifferentboilingpointstoo and as the vapours rise through the Flavoured vodkas are often thoughtrectifier the congeners ar K A ated; therefore,V O D e separ of asamoderntrend.However,the higher the number wasthewayinwhichvodkawasrectifications, the purer the spirit may originallydrunk.Centuriesagothebe.understanding of distillation was notFiltrationisvodkasequivalentof what it is todaynor was the qualitycask maturation ; it tames the spirits ofrawmaterialswhichresultedinpower,ideallyreplacingitwith avirtuallyundrinkablespiritfullofmellowness and balance. GenerationsWHAT CAN WAV Etoxic elements and excessive fusels.ofexperiencehaveshownthat Flavouringwasonewayofmakingcharcoalfromeithersilverbirchor itpalatableandmorepleasingalder,whichhasbeensteamedor aromatically.Nowadays,inordertreated chemically, is one of the best toflavourvodkaaproducercanmediums.Thisactivatedcharcoal eitherchoosethecheaperoptionisextremelyabsorbent.Limousin ofaddingextractsorthequalitycharcoal, however, has recently been routeofmaceratingtheflavouringusedtoverygoodeffectinFrance ingredients in the vodka at an ambientand quartz sand is also used in many temperature. Some ingredients yieldcountries. uniqueflavours,otherslabelled simplywithoneflavourmaybeFiltrationisusuallyeffectedby totallydifferentfromanother.Inpumping through columns containing some instances the flavourings, suchthefilteringmedium;however,BE FOUNDas honey or fortified wines, are addedcheapervodkasmaysimplygravityON THEinablendingprocessjustbefore bottling,inotherstheflavouredfeedthroughatankofit. AlthoughLABELvodka is aged in cask. it is less expensive, channels start to form with this latter method, reducing thefiltrationseffectiveness.The HOW IS VODKA MADE? vodka can also be reduced in many stages during the filtration process to helpmarrythedemineralisedwaterUnlike many other famous spirits where Thefirstrequirementistoconvertand the spirit. quality is indicated by industry standard the starch to sugar in order to effectterms such as VSOP, branded quality an alcoholic fermentation. Grains arenames such as Paradis or simply age milledandpotatoesshreddedthusstatements, the vodka drinker must lookRogue Wave, a single malt vodka in tribute to the cousin releasingthestarch.WhatevertheVODKA FACT! for different quality indicators on the raw material, it is then cooked in hotDespite its humble medievallabel.of James Watt, one of BrewDogs Founders, One-Armed water thereby breaking up the starch,origins,vodkahasbecomeThe most meaningful are: Alex, a man youll never forget.whichenzymesthenconverttothemosthighlyconsumed sugar. Yeast is then added, convertingspiritintheworld,withBRAND NAME thesugartoalcohol,resultingina When it comes to going rogue, One-Armed Alex wrote washofnormallybelow10%abv.overfourbillionlitresCertain vodkas have a residual taste When it comes Primarilythiswashcontainsethylbeingdevouredannually.from their original, baserye is the mostthe book - once he learned to write again. With his good alcohol ; however aldehydes, fusels,Intheoryvodkacanbedistinctive. arm oating somewhere in the North Sea due to a freak esters and acids are also found ; thesemadefromanyorganicPRODUCED FROMcombine to give nose and palate andmaterialwhichferments.shing accident, Alex refused to be left swimming in are known as congeners.Traditionally,however,theThe indication of what base ingredientcircles, and instead dived head rst into life. He laughed material selected for makingwas used. at doctors and went straight back to sailing, throwing Today, the vast majority of vodkas arevodkawasdeterminedby produced in column stills. AlcoholicwhatwasgrownintheCOUNTRY OF ORIGIN /DISTILLATION reworks at boats, just because.distillationworksonthebasisthatvariousproducingregions; alcohol, with a boiling point of 78.3 C,The country of origin will also influence is more volatile than water and thusgiving rise to regional stylesthe flavour, Polish producers favour rye, whenanalcoholicwashisheated, Distilled andfavouredmethodsofRussians wheat and so on.Distilled over 7 days, vapour passes through the Worlds thealcoholvapourisesfirst.Theproduction. Economics alsoFL AVOURS rst triple-bubble copper pot still, before it hits the wash is introduced into the rectifieroftenplayedapartinthe19-metrerecication column - the higher it goes the purer and heats up as it flows downwards,decision-makingprocess.No two pepper or lemon vodkas are the it then enters the analyser where itWheat,forexample,hassame, again the brand influence and theit gets. Extreme copper contact gives uncompromising meets the hot steam and begins tomore starch than the others,flavouring ingredients will be different -quality, ltering just once, so the spirit keeps its soul. vapourise.Thevapoursthenflowthus producing more alcoholget to know favourites by tasting.backintotherectifierwheretheandresultinginlowerCrisp, clean, with subtle notes of icing sugar and vanilla. distiller collects the portion he wantsproduction costs. Rogue Wave is a vodka youll never forget.at the un-perforated spirit plate.INN EXPRESS - DRINKS PORTFOLIO 2019|20 - VODKA 123It is worth noting that the congeners'