b'A K A S H I-TA I SAKE S P I R I T Sthe perfect pairS A K EA few great dish ideas to go with the Akashi-tai rangeJUNMAI DAIGINJO DAIGINJO HONJOZOAn extremely balanced sake with notes ofElegant with aromas of honey, lily & pear.An extemely versitile sake with lemon & lemon, grass & sage. Best served chilled. Delicate floral flavours with a lemon drylime notes. Delicious served both chilled or finish. Serve chilled. warm (up to 60C).BEST WITH:BEST WITH:BEST WITH: STEAMED LOBSTERSASHIMI & SUSHI (COLD) CURED MEAT OR CHEESEAlso try. Fresh Oysters, Octopus Carpaccio Also try. Chicken and Beef TeriyakiAlso try. White fish ceviche, fresh oysters (Mr Yonezawas personal recommendation!) (WARM) GRILLED VEG & SWEET MISOAlso try. French Onion SoupHONJOZO GENSHU GENMAI UMESHUA strong but surprisingly creamy sake. ServePungent with lime, marzipan & bitter cocoa.A sweet plum alcoholic drink. Rich with chilled to enjoy a dry crispness or warm (upA balanced but complex sake. Serve at roomplum, cherry & date. A refreshing dry finish. to 40C) for a sweeter experience. temperature.Serve over ice or with hot water. BEST WITH:BEST WITH:BEST WITH: GRILLED OILY FISH DARK CHOCOLATE LAVA CAKE WARM APPLE TART Also try. BBQ Spare Ribs Also try. Vegetable & Shrimp Also try. Cheese, Yuzu Sorbet, VanillaTempura Ice CreamINN EXPRESS - DRINKS PORTFOLIO 2019|20 - SAKE 119'