b'GOOD THINGS HAVE A WAY of COMING TOGETHER. TAKE OUR CLASSIC JAWBOX GIN, ADD SOME FIERY GINGER SPICE AND FINISH WITH THE INTENSE FLAVOUR OF PINEAPPLE. YES PINEAPPLE.THE NOSE THE PALATE THE FINISH THE NOSE THE PALATE THE FINISHSweet pineapple aromasSticky sugar glazed pineappleLong, juicy andBig, bold juniper andClassic gin that becomesCitrus with lingering evoke Caribbean sunshine. with an undercurrentrefreshing. pine notes balanced withmore complex on the palate.juniper and pine with of sharp juniper and acoriander and clean citrus. Starts with citrus and juniperthe quiet complexity of sprinkling of warm ginger. developing into pepper, greenthe supporting cast.angelica and subtle rootiness.the OriginalWE INVITE YOU TO SWERVE PINEAPPLE& THE ORDINARY AND DISCOVERGINGERTHE ORIGINAL.Guess what tastes amazing with our magnificent Pineapple & Ginger GinA feisty combination of refreshing Liqueur? Ginger ale of course. Its a no brainer. And pretty tasty too. Ginger Ale and Jawbox Gin. 50ML JAWBOX PINEAPPLE & GINGERLIQUEUR100ML GINGER ALESWERVED PERFECTLY.LIME WEDGE, ICEPour the Jawbox into an ice filled glass. Top up with some refreshing Ginger Ale, squeeze and drop in a wedge of Lime or ifyoure feeling adventurous a wedge of fresh pineapple. Enjoy.JAWBOXGIN.COM@JAWBOXGINEnjoy responsibly, but do enjoy! JAWBOXGIN.COM@JAWBOXGIN ENJOY RESPONSIBLY, BUT DO ENJOY! 11'