b'S P I R I T S&YS TR U E U Q I L S P E C L A I I L I Q U E U R S & S P E C I A L I T Y COTSWOLDSCREAM LIQUEURPRODUCT NAME COUNTRY ABV SIZE PRODUCT NAME COUNTRY ABV SIZE DESCRIPTION De Kuyper Kirsch Holland 40.0 % 50cl Toussaint Coffee France 26.5 % 50cl Our Cotswolds Cream Liqueur is a delicious treat made by Tia Maria France 20.0 % 1.5 Ltr Tuaca Vanilla Italy 35.0 % 70cl combining our new-make single malt spirit with fresh cream. The cream is naturally preserved by the alcohol and the Toschi Fragoli Italy 24.0 % 70cl Volare Cinamon Red Italy 20.0 % 50cl combination produces a wonderfully rich and luscious liqueur. Tosolini Fragola Italy 24.0 % 70cl Warninks Advocaat Holland 17.2 % 70cl Best consumed over ice, chilled or in coffee, Cotswolds Cream Liqueur is surprisingly light and silky with delicious Tosolini Limoncello Italy 28.0 % 70cl Xuxu England 42.0 % 50cl toffee and vanilla notes. Once opened store in the fridge.Tosolini Liqueur Espresso Coffee Italy 24.0 % 70cl Zoco Pacharan Spain 25.0 % 70cl SINGLE MALTTosolini Lu Nera Italy 24.0 % 70cl The spirit in our Cotswolds Cream Liqueur is produced in our rural distillery using bespoke copper pot stills. We use only A M A R E T T O locally-grown Cotswolds barley, which is traditionally floor malted for us. Our distillation process takes place daily and is PRODUCT NAME COUNTRY ABV SIZE PRODUCT NAME COUNTRY ABV SIZE carried out entirely by hand. It yields a wonderfully light, sweet and fruity new-make spirit. We think it makes a wonderful Di Cassini Amaretto Italy 15.0 % 70cl Luxardo Amaretto Italy 16.0 % 70cl whisky and we hope that youll try our Cotswolds Single Malt Whisky in October.Disaronno Amaretto Italy 28.0 % 70cl Saliza Amaretto Italy 28.0 % 70clLazzaroni Amaretto 1851 Italy 24.0 % 70cl Sette Vie Amaretto Italy 28.0 % 70cl CREAMLorenzo Inga Amaretto Italy 28.0 % 70cl We always dreamed of combining our Single Malt Spirit with cream, but didnt have the necessary equipment to do this to scale. After searching far and wide we found our wonderful partners in Tipperary, Ireland. These experts combine our S A M B U C A Cotswolds Single Malt Spirit with the freshest Irish cream.PRODUCT NAME COUNTRY ABV SIZE PRODUCT NAME COUNTRY ABV SIZE A sensational product, with our Single Malt Spiritat its very heartAntica Apple Italy 38.0 % 70cl Antica Tropical Italy 38.0 % 70clCEO - Daniel SzorAntica Banana Italy 38.0 % 70cl Lamosca Black Italy 38.0 % 70clAntica Cherry Italy 38.0 % 70cl Lamosca Classic Italy 38.0 % 70clAntica Classic Italy 38.0 % 70cl Lamosca Raspberry Italy 30.0 % 70clAntica Green Chilli Italy 38.0 % 70cl Luxardo Chilli & Spices Italy 16.0 % 70clAntica Liquorice Italy 38.0 % 70cl LuxardoNera Italy 16.0 % 70clAntica Raspberry Italy 38.0 % 70cl LuxardoWhite Italy 16.0 % 70cl106 INN EXPRESS - DRINKS PORTFOLIO 2019|20 - LIQUEURS & SPECIALITY'