b'F E E L I N G T H E N E E DF O RM E A DF O RM E A DWhether you are channelling your inner Jon Snow or maybe you are into history, either way, we have just the thing for you. Mead, the hot topic at the moment, is the worlds oldest alcoholic beverage and its coming back into fashion!Mead is an alcohol made from honey, popularised by the Vikings around the world; then the recipes were laterperfectedbymonks.Meadisquicklycoming backintofashionwithhordesofpeoplegrabbinga bottle to watch the final season of Games of Thrones!The Modern Mead Co produce their Original English Mead using a blend of Mexican & English honey.It is very much a contemporary take on classic recipes of old, taking long-forgotten methods and using modern techniques. Cinnamon,clove,nutmeg,cardamom,orangeandlemonzestarethenadded tocreateaspicedstyleofMeadwhichisperfectforthemodern-daypallet.We recommend drinking neat, with a good quality ginger beer or in their signature serve cocktail, the Meadmosa!T H EM E A D M O S A2 parts The Modern Mead Co Original English Mead2 parts Sparkling Wine1 part Orange JuiceMix all ingredients together in a champagne flute or wine glass.103'